Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hurtling Down To DC

beginning to sing in Grand Central Station...

a machine gun toting policeman causing us to end our singing in Grand Central Station

OK! yesterday morning we awoke in New York's lower east side at 5, and scooted down to Baltimore to arrive for a noon performance at a Christian Science Reading Room in a mall. it was a bear getting out of the city, and at one point only the great care of a policeman who stopped traffic for us as we had gone a VERY wrong way on a huge bridge, kept us on the right track.

the good news is we arrived at the RR in good time, walked around to all the stores and let everyone know that we were going to be playing. we drove through a very depressed portion of baltimore, filled with boarded up buildings, etc. and this mall was quiet, with many empty stores as well. it seemed that the call was for unrelenting acknowledgment of the presence of Life, the spiritual ever-presence.

over and over i am moved to see that these are not "concerts" so much as they are states of mind. what are we thinking as we are singing? what are our interactions with these other folks consisting of? and always in the wide open world you never know what someone is going to say or think or do. it is wonderful to have the opportunity to strive to bring brightness and overbubbling enthusiasm to any environment, especially one like this seemingly quiet and a little depressed mall.

then, down to DC we shot, to prepare for a show at 1st Church of Christ, Scientist, DC. we were warmly met, set up the space, and waited for the wednesday evening service. the service was deep and inspiring, the reader pacing himself like a runner. it felt like a steam engine of spiritual thoughts.

then, a warm and sparkling show. there is no end of the delight in causing perfect strangers to sing along.

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  1. Stonebalancer,

    Keep going Man. I am feeling your vibe.
    Better to laugh than cry.