Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Power of God Defies Limitations

Last Friday I was looking forward to the first concert of this tour, which was to be in Bellingham, WA. I have been working on putting together this tour, sharing my new music, and reaching people with its message.

On Friday night I began to feel sick. I was dizzy, weak, and my throat was raspy and I couldn’t sing.

I began to feel afraid for the concert. What if I still can't sing tomorrow? The idea of calling off the first concert of the tour was awful.

So, I began to pray, and I called a Christian Science practitioner to pray with me. He told me confidently on the phone that no one was singing here but God.

I woke up during the night several times, feeling afraid that the concert was going to be ruined. The implication in this fear was that God didn’t care for me, and that I was alone to deal with this situation on my own. Each time I would remember God, try to draw my thoughts of Divine Love close to myself.

When I awoke in the morning I was feeling the same – woozy and my throat didn’t work. I called the practitioner again, and again he brought out the same idea – Only God is singing here – not you, not a throat. And nothing can stop God from singing to His creations. The practitioner continued to pray for me through the day.

As I continued to pray too, I began to think about the purpose of this concert. The fear of its being ruined had led me to believe that it was about me – my succeeding or failing. But praying about it, I realized that, of course, this concert is about giving a gift to the audience. It is about sharing the gifts that God has given me and letting others be blessed by them. I began to realize that no matter how I feel, I am going to proceed with this concert and find some way to bless these people who are coming to hear me. I began to feel a faith that God is here, and will open a way for something wonderful to happen. I thought of Christ's counsel to become as a little child.

So we went ahead with our rehearsals. I was glad to be moving forward even though I didn’t know how it would come out. Then, about halfway into our rehearsal, all the symptoms I had been experiencing, including not being able to sing right, disappeared. I felt strong, like the wet blanket was lifted from me. And I had to attribute it to the morning's prayers. It simply wasn’t true that God, or God's children could be held back, kept from doing good work.

The concert was wonderful. We had such a good time, and the audience loved it. Afterwards, I was delighted and humbled to heard several people tell me of how my music had helped them through a difficult time, or led them to a new understanding of some spiritual concept. And there were a few moments in the concert, when I was singing particularly high notes, that I thought, "This would not be happening but for the healing power of God. He is here to heal!"

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Faith in Good

After a few months of work, work, work, I am now in Seattle, WA, getting ready for the first show of this west coast tour I have been planning. Hurray!

The development of this tour is showing me again a lesson that I keep on learning - With concentrated labor and thought, progress gets made.

I dont know about you, but there is often a voice in my thoughts that says, "This project is just too big! There is no point in even starting because you will never get far enough with it to make it worthwhile." There were lots of times in the planning of this tour when I really had no idea how to proceed, where certain necessities were going to come from, or if there was really any hope of it becoming a reality.

Each time I do proceed though, with a daunting project like this, I see it slowly transform from an idea in my thoughts, into a real thing that is going to happen.

There are lots of things that enable us to move forward in the wilderness of our labors - skill, dedication, vision, etc. But the one that feels the most important to me is faith. Faith that I am supposed to be doing good work. Faith that Life is conspiring with me to achieve good things. Faith that my best ideas are the very thing I should be working on.

I find that this faith, which is based in a deeply felt feeling that God is good and the supplier of this best ideas, is what allows me to keep working, listening, and exploring when the path is not clear. Or when the work takes more patience than I would like to spend.

I thank God for the gift of this work, and that this tour has become a reality. I am so looking forward to seeing you (west coasters) at a show, and to celebrate with you the practical Love of God.

See you on the Road!