Monday, February 7, 2011

Eyes to see and ears to hear

In my life as an artist I have felt rich with ideas. As I have learned that God is the source of all my inspiration it has become simple and easy to remain inspired, delighted, and motivated. Really.

In fact, in the past years I have come to feel this way, best expressed in an image: I am standing on a huge pile of riches – gold, silver, gems and jewels piled so high I can see all around the city from the top of the pile. I am delighted to have these treasures, and all in the world I want to do is share them. I want to give them away. I want others to see them and feel them and be blessed by them as I have been. And that is the work of being an artist.

One of the greatest blessings to me is people who ARE blessed by the art that I bring out. And this is true of any artist. We are all deeply indebted to the ones who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear and the hearts to be touched.

This is true in art and it is true in every other facet of life. When you have something to give, you need someone to give it to. We are all in that position. Our lives are to share our treasures. We spend a lot of our lives learning what our treasures are, and the rest of our lives laboring to give those treasures to others.

We all NEED people who are interested in these riches! Folks who are searching for the true riches of life – the spiritual ideas, the inspirations and heart-ideas that God is bringing forth through his children.

Infinite Mind has put all kinds of beautiful thoughts and dreams in each of our hearts. It seems the world, with its negative opinions and bored outlook, mostly would like to kill those dreams and see them never come to fruition. Every heart needs supporters, listeners, hearers who want to see and know the good thing that God is bringing out in them.

One of the best ways to give is to be committed to receiving. Be willing to accept that we are surrounded by geniuses – geniuses of God's creating. All around us are the riches – the hearts that are filled with dreams and good ideas. This is how the human race is, and will be, knit together – with the expectation of good things from those around us. Each one of us has the great soulful opportunity to bring out wonderful things, and to see, appreciate, adore, and drink in the good being brought out by those around us.

A huge, heart-felt thank you to all of you, for your open eyes and ears.


  1. I'm moved by your writing, Alex, and by the Love you're seeking to be. (Read all your posts.) Thanks for sending them!

  2. Thank you Anne! I love to hear that. :)

  3. What a great image! I love your images!

  4. Thanks Ben! You must have the eyes to see!