Thursday, March 24, 2011

Faith in Good

After a few months of work, work, work, I am now in Seattle, WA, getting ready for the first show of this west coast tour I have been planning. Hurray!

The development of this tour is showing me again a lesson that I keep on learning - With concentrated labor and thought, progress gets made.

I dont know about you, but there is often a voice in my thoughts that says, "This project is just too big! There is no point in even starting because you will never get far enough with it to make it worthwhile." There were lots of times in the planning of this tour when I really had no idea how to proceed, where certain necessities were going to come from, or if there was really any hope of it becoming a reality.

Each time I do proceed though, with a daunting project like this, I see it slowly transform from an idea in my thoughts, into a real thing that is going to happen.

There are lots of things that enable us to move forward in the wilderness of our labors - skill, dedication, vision, etc. But the one that feels the most important to me is faith. Faith that I am supposed to be doing good work. Faith that Life is conspiring with me to achieve good things. Faith that my best ideas are the very thing I should be working on.

I find that this faith, which is based in a deeply felt feeling that God is good and the supplier of this best ideas, is what allows me to keep working, listening, and exploring when the path is not clear. Or when the work takes more patience than I would like to spend.

I thank God for the gift of this work, and that this tour has become a reality. I am so looking forward to seeing you (west coasters) at a show, and to celebrate with you the practical Love of God.

See you on the Road!

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