Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Almighty Update

Hi all. I'm in Florida where it is so hot.

And actually, tomorrow I'm flying to Houston which I don't expect to be icy cool.

One of my favorite things about tours (mine anyway - I don't bet U2's tours are like this) is that dates get picked up along the way. I love to see that the journey itself is alive and that it makes itself up as I go along.

Here is a list of the places I have stayed so far:

1) A huge mansion in Germantown, Philadelphia, PA, with Zach and Corrie and a bunch of other nice people. They served a gorgeous dinner of angel hair pasta with cod right when we arrived. Got to see Zach and Corrie perform too. They are awesome.

2) With Ashley in her apartment in DC. It was in flux and had things piled up to the ceiling. Played a wee little concert in DC and then sang a falsetto solo at a church in DC the following day. Went to the glorious national botanic gardens. Behold the orchids the Lord hath made!

3)With Jodi and Greg and their sons Ian and Jareth in Oakton, VA. We watched Dr. Who and made some enormous soap bubbles. Also played one of the most fun house concerts of my whole life. You know when the audience is just like a sports car and we can turn on a dime and go right where we need to?

4) With Nina in Spanish Moss laden St. Helena Island, SC. There's too much to say about this place. palm trees, pine trees, dogs, horseshoe crabs, flip flops, history, evening's gentle breath, fresh food, lovely conversation, the internet while i look out on the ocean. Coming back here in May. :)

5) In my own guest apartment with Laurie and Mike in Merritt Island, FL. Played a dynamite show at a youth event on Saturday, and again at a church in Cocoa, FL on Sunday. I just love to perform, and afterwards, just love all the people. Whew! Thank God we all love to be together. Did a mural of 3 Bible stories in the Sunday School of the church in Cocoa (can you believe it's called "Cocoa"? There's also a river nearby called the Banana River. come on.) The Bible stories (so fun to think about how to depict them) were Daniel in the lions den (Dan. 6:22) The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:33) and Jesus walking on the water (Matt. 14:25). I will have pictures soon.

Went swimming in the glorious rough ocean after the first long day of painting. Today saw an alligator in a pond behind Walmart. Also a couple of manatees in the marina.

This weekend concerts in Houston and Austin, then back to Florida for a few more before heading north again.

Ok! Keep in touch! I love you!



  1. Man, I've been wondering what's been going on with you. Thanks for the update. Have a great show in Austin. I'll turn some of my peeps (most you probably already know) on to your arrival. Where are the details of the show? Ciao!

    1. hey cam!

      I'm a little too late to give you details for that show, but you can always find them on my site -

      Great to hear from you!