Saturday, April 17, 2010

a brief history of time

ok ok, im a bad friend. i mean, lazy blogger. but maybe you've noticed, what i lack in regularity, i make up for in charm.

so, let's get down to business-

when last we spoke, it was cold and rainy, (and it might have been the early cretaceous period) but now it is spring for sure, and, at least where i am, it is warm and sunny.

the last concerts i mentioned were in DC. after that the faithless members of the blessing tree left me in the dust and scurried back to their respective homes. while i heroically forged onward, into the warm, blossom laden breezes of the south.

heres a list of what happened:

1) drive to raleigh NC
2) stay with wonderful friends (including 2 fab little boys - lots of playing games and guitar lessons)
3) great little performance at Raleigh church
4) drive to athens, GA, my old stomping grounds (1998 - 2001)
5) stay for 9 glorious days at the Orange Twin Farm
6) painted this truck

7) read a biography of abraham lincoln
8) was given a book of plato dialogues, quickly fell in love with socrates
9) worked on the farm
10) saw this rad grafitti under a bridge on one of my favorite train tracks

11) drove to knoxville tennessee
12) played a fun house show there
13) drove to nashville
14) played 2 shows there in one day - the first was sort of a show - it was where i and the handsome and talented JJ Jones walked around in this park and asked if folks wanted to hear a spiritual song. almost everyone we asked said they did, we had lots of good conversations, lots of handshakes, and even a hug. 2nd show in the CS RR that night. the evening show was rousingly opened by the dapper and creative JJ Jones.
15) on the way to ST. LOUIS, stopped at the national quilting museum in paducah, kentucky. they have an admirable mission:

16) i am here in STL. the arch is rad. i made up lots of raps on the drive today.

i will be here for one week. i will be giving at least 3 shows in the next week, and doing a mural at a high school in the area.

i miss you all!


  1. Another guy? What am I, chopped liver? John

  2. Glad to hear you're still rapping.
    And yeah, what other guy? Drop a name, wouldja? What is this, some kind a joke!?
    love, Ben

  3. So many things I want to comment on! Plato! When you get back to Boston we must discuss Plato over tea! Awesome truck! Awesome bridge paintings!

  4. It was an inspired visit. Venturing out into the wilderness of souls, offering the cup of cold water. Alas we may have been fed more than we did any feeding, but wasn't it great just to sing together and be in a place of gratitude... Gotta love the sojourning musicians of the world. Alex, you compel us all to join the journey. Thanks again for everything. Love, Another Guy.