Friday, April 23, 2010

drawings for songs - a trade

yo, i been in saint louis, let's get ready ta do dis
i'm writing my blog, sweepin a way the fog
of mystery, that surrounds my endeavors
pushing the buttons and pullin the levers
im about to tell you what i been up to
all kinds information is about to erupt, ooh!

well, so there was a little rap for a friday morning.

just to let you know, i have been rapping a lot. long car rides, the ease of access to rhyme - its an obvious way to pass the time.

anyway, i have been in STL for abotu 5 days now, played 3 shows so far and another on sunday.

last sunday i was at the lafayette square CS society. this awe-dience was great. we all felt really tuned in and together.

another great show was yesterday morning at the principia lower school. now, i have not performed for audiences of kids very much. i didnt really know exactly how it was going to be...
but it went really great. in fact, it makes me want to write lots more audience participation songs and sing-a-longs. these kids were an amazing group, and bold sing alongers (way better than a lot of adults! yes, thats a challenge.)

in fact, they were so wonderful that they made me a book of thank you drawings right afterwards. here are some of them.

how bout them apples?


  1. Them apples are really nice, and so was your rhymes - I like to read a little rap like that, all of the times - and on the days I do it's like I finally know what I'm for - I'm made for reading raps I find until I fall to the floor - what?...did I, say, that, nah, me? - I know that I was made to manifest spiritual glee - and so I do and no one knew that I could be so refined - but when they see what I'm sayin', it's like a bit'en orange rind -it blows their mind, it's a sign for y'all to read and rewind - 'cause if I can do that, it means the divine Mind is- mine, and yours and hers and his and Yo! - If that's the way it is we may not have to far; here we are: Father and son - if I can listen and obey I know the good'll get done -Take time, don't cut, in a rut?, don't fret! - your Father is your Mother and your Mother don't forget - She's feedin' you the milk of the Word from Her breast -givin' strength, makin' wise, put'in' fear to rest - now let God think big and I think you'll find - His ideas are for livin' not for leavin' behind.