Friday, April 23, 2010

people are fountains of ideas

also at the principia lower school i have been working on a mural with the 1st through 5th grade art classes. what a great break from singing!

we began with the broad themes of childlikeness and the environment. from (amazing) sketches that the kids made based on these themes we arrived at some central images.

i have to admit, given these themes, i thought i knew what the kids were going to draw - trees, suns, kids playing, maybe some water. i was so wrong!

the kids were way more imaginative!

not just trees, but these wild tree houses with a million stairs, roller coasters that covered the whole page, a sun with a clock face, a fire breathing iguana (which does that fit under - childlikeness or the environment?), and a million other things.

i was delighted to see how not-in-the-box they were.

so, we took the main images that they arrived at and put them all together into a drawing of a fantasy land on a 6' x 10' canvas. over the next 3 days all 5 classes spent one period each painting this thing.

making art is a really good way to play together, meet one another, and share good ideas. our hearts can connect.

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